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Green Skin Care One Month at a Time

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If you are reading this blog, I am hopeful that one of your New Year’s resolutions is to go green with your skin care (and hair care, make up, nail care, etc. as well).  One really simple, low cost and painless way to go green is to pick just one product every month out of your beauty regimen and find a greener substitute.

Say you have a tube of cleanser and you are not too happy with how your eyes burn after using it and you feel that when it washes down the sink and gets into the ocean, the “fishies” will have burning eyes too.  (Especially, if thousands of people are using the same product and washing it into the same ocean.)  But you are not sure just what is making your eyes burn because the 25 letter chemical name for most of the ingredients on the package is Greek to you.  No fear, Sheila’s Code Buster Chemical Dictionary Service is near.  Actually, they are listed right below as links.  And I warn you some of the stuff is scary.  Saving the planet is not for sissies.  But when you have the little nasty tube of eye burning cleanser in you hand and you are looking up the ingredients, there is an empowerment you would not believe in that.  You are becoming an Informed Consumer.  Congratulations!

So, First Step:  Select one product for the month.  Pick the one that is almost run out or the one that uses the harshest ingredients and investigate what the ingredients are.  Here are links to the chem dictionaries:

Quick shopper’s guide:

Scary, but true info.

See how many of these chemicals are harming the environment:

Second Step:  Write down what you want the next product you purchase to do.  Do you need something that moisturizes?  Clears up excess oils? Exfoliates?  When you know what you want from the product, then it is so much easier to make a choice.

Say you are giving up a product that promotes itself as a “deep pore cleanser” and the side affect is blurred vision after use (true story!).  You decide to check out what may be causing this and, frankly, the information you find about this product is giving you a panic attack.  O.K. Calm down.  There IS a greener version “deep pore cleanser”  it is called papaya and it is totally natural and effective.  See this link for more on the Four Good Chemicals:

Third Step:  Research your natural alternatives.  Admittedly this is kind of tricky because the big cosmetic firms simply don’t want you to know this stuff.  I say, use their research. Go to the boutique shops and ask questions to find out what “natural products” (in tiny amounts) they are using.  If they have a toner with rice flour and rice vinegar, check for recipes on the internet and make up your own. That way you save $$$ or you can look for something similar at a shop that promotes pure, natural and organic products.

Forth Step: Find out how lifestyle changes can improve your skins condition and over-all health; then, the beauty products don’t have to do all the work:

Fifth Step:  Enjoy knowing that the beauty product that you are using is not harming the planet and doing an effective job at helping your skin look it’s radiant best.  To see how others have created a green skin care routine for themselves, check out this link:

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Green New Year’s Resolutions

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It is already 2010, can you believe it?  Time for those New Year’s resolutions and while we have got lots of links for you with great green ideas:,,dxntlg0z,00.html?nlcid=gr%7C12-29-2009%7C



Pick out some green resolutions and save YOUR planet.  

NEXT POST:  Green your skin care one month at a time in the New Year.

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