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Have a Green Halloween

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Halloween is almost here, and if you don’t have some crazy-fun Green Halloween ideas already,  just keep on reading for terrific tips and ideas to keep the fright going on through the night.

When we are talking about a Green Halloween, we are trying to make our celebration a little (o.k., a lot) more earth friendly.  For a general idea about getting things going in that direction, check out this link: 

The difference between a Green Halloween and an orange (caution light) Halloween is simple.  Just check out this post by Squidoo.  All the ideas about recycling are so cool.  After all, wasn’t Frankenstein the first real attempt at recycling? always has great party ideas, these will make your party a success:

Party games, party crafts, and party food.  These are not all green, but you can pick and choose to find some fun ideas as you read through these links:

party games:

and more party games:

monster party:

more games:

dinner party ideas:

party food…:

free craft patterns:

One more idea for a party is to have a Halloween Spa Fright Night.  Get out all the mask recipes… all bumpy and green.  Anything that was too scary for a regular spa party should fit in here.  Watch an old horror movie and relax while you wait of your pore peel to dry, then thrill your friends by removing your “skin” at the scariest part.

Tons of ideas?  Sheila’s loving it. So, have a Green Halloween.  Have fun, be safe, be green!


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Get the Lead Out (of Your Lipstick… and more)

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Well, Sheila’s so relaxed from the retreats and spa treatments that she has recharged her batteries and now it is time to put on her green environmental battle boots to get the lead out of products sold to women and girls.

Did you know that after banning lead from paint and gasoline, that lead is still allowed in your lipstick?  Oh my, how did that slip through?  And though lots of hoopla surrounded the lead found in paint on toys a few years ago, it can still be found in girl’s toy jewelry?

The Daily Green has an interesting post about lead in lipstick:  How do you know if something you have purchased contains lead?  This link gives you info on how to test for lead:

So, which lipsticks are painting our lips with neuron toxifying lead?  Here is the name dropping list: .  The way to change things is to let the make up manufacturers know that lead is not something we want on our lips and in our systems.  The next WebMD link will help you know who to contact and let your voice be heard: (Rachel, who wrote the article, has a blog you can check out too.

Now here is the really scary part.  The lead is that cute bracelet your little girl may have on could be full of lead too.  It has been going on for years and lead in toy jewelry also has to stop.   The UK is on top of it and gives us the scoop: and check out what ABC News has to say about the lead problem: .  More names being named here, shop accordingly…

The bottom line is,  lead is bad for you and if you are pregnant, it is really bad for your child.  Become an informed and resourceful consumer.  Here are some links to give you natural choices that get the lead out:

“Lips Against Lead” is a must read:

Leaping Bunny checks lipsticks out:

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Tuning up your Toner

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Do you really need a toner?  That’s a tricky question.  But if you want something to calm your skin after cleansing or something to give your skin a little tingle, toner is a must.  Since some formulas of toner (astringent, etc.) contain strong drying ingredients, it makes sense to create your toner at home to make it the right strength for your skin.  Read today’s post and learn how to Tune Up Your Toner. 

Find out about some of the little nasties hiding in your toner bottle (like boric acid) by checking out this link:

The strength of your toner should be compatible with your skin type.  Going from a weak solution of skin soothing herbal tea (dry/sensitive skin) to a more potent blend of astringent ingredients (oily skin) and lots of places in between.  A really easy personalized toner would be to use a herb or herb combination that is good for your skin type (check out some here:, make a tea or infusion with the herbs you choose and play around with the astringent ingredients — like witch hazel — to make it stronger or more mild as you like.  Below are a range of toners that have an extra bonus, like built-in moisture, and great scent.

Some toners are gentle and soothing and have ingredients that can replace a moisturizer, like this one:  Other toners use herbal anti-bacterial ingredients to help defend skin against environmental damage:

For a good strong toner that clears oily skin try this Apple Toner:

Rosemary Water Astringent is a nice fragrant combination that has ingredients to fight oilyness.  Maybe it should be strained and refrigerated in the last step, that may have been omitted in the instructions:

So as you can see, it is easy to tune up your toner.  Making the right strength to suit your skin type is the beauty of homemade skin care products. 



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