Organizing Your Green Skin Care Routine

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If you have been reading this blog for a few months, you should now have loads of printouts with neat skin care recipes on them.  But how do you organize all this information into a skin care routine?  

Knowing your skin type (see link below) will help.  Also, reading the posts about the Four Good Chemicals In Natural Skin Care (7-27-09 ) and Adding Moisture to Dry Skin (6-29-09) will give you a head start on what feels good and what works.  To simplify things choose just two or three recipes to use for each product (cleanser, scrub, etc.) you intend to make part of your routine.  Some parts of your skin care routine may have to be from the store, because some days you will be too busy to make your own magic.  No worries, just jot down the brand name of the store-bought product you use on those rush-rush days. 

Now, lets take a look at how these two gals greened their skin care routines…

SallyMae has oily skin and uses these products in her skin care routine:

Cleanser:1) Store bought glycerin soap and with a facial brush.                                                                                                                           2) Thyme and Fennel Facial Cleanser (mid-day freshener)(                                                                                                                              3) Honey Oatmeal Facial (once a week)(

Toner:  1) Apple Toner (  2) Watermelon toner (occasionally) (

Moisture:  None needed in Summer.  Occasionally uses olive oil (light application, tissue off) in Winter.

Mask:  1)  Papaya Pumpkin Mask (                                                 2)  Cucumber Face Mask (

Scrub:  Homemade Baking Soda and Kelp Powder Scrub (just equal parts of each, add water to make a paste).  Twice a month.

SallyMae likes non-greasy, astringent ingredients.  Watermelon, kelp, papaya, apple, and cucumber all are great for oily skin.


Olivia has dry skin and uses different products to balance her complexion:

Cleanser:  1) Honey Cold Cream ( or store bought dry skin cleansing bar.  2)  Strawberry Cleanser(

Toner:  Olivia uses Chamomile Tea as a toner, applied with a cotton ball.  See below for a list of herbs suitable as toners  for all skin types.

Moisture:  Store bought lotion with SPF 15.

Mask:  1)  Avocado Dry Skin Mask ( )                                             2)  AvoCarrot Mask (

Scrub:  1)  Gentle Cleansing Grains (           2)  Almond Mayo Scrub (

Olivia likes to calm her dry skin with chamomile and protect it with creamy ingredients like avocado and mayonnaise.  Strawberry provides Alpha Hydroxy Acids to clear away flaky skin.

Both SallyMae and Olivia have used the knowledge they have about their individual skin types to create a natural skin care program that is easy to follow, fun, and very green. 


Finding your skin type:

Herbals for Toners, Masks, and Scrubs:

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