Adding Herbs to Your Skin Care Routine

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All the talk about Free Radicals and Antioxidants started me thinking about writing a post on how helpful herbs can be in our natural skin care journey.  Herbs can be a wonderful protective force when used on the skin to keep pollution and other chemical scavengers at bay.  

One wonderfully indulgent way to start is by giving yourself an herbal facial sauna.  Choose the herbs you can use in the sauna by checking out the chart on this site: 

Many plants are considered herbs.  Strawberries, roses, and citrus fruits are  also herbs, not just parsley, sage, rosemary, and thyme.  To be called a herb, the plant must have some benefit to humans or animals.  There is a abbreviated herb dictionary at this site that tells about how each herb listed can help the skin:

For some very good snippets on herbal and other natural skin care creations check out:  This site has a seaweed and aloe vera mask that I have to try myself: 

Making your own recipe for a herbal mask, toner or scrub is simple to do.  First check the herb dictionary above or one that you find in the library (Jekka McVicar’s New Book of Herbs is a great reference) to see which herb will do the best for your skin’s type. 

I’m slightly (o.k. more than slightly) oily skinned, so I like sage.  To make a sage mask, I infuse sage leaves (fresh or dried) in some hot water to get the good stuff out and mix the liquid with a clay or ground oat flour, or corn flour.  Get it to a spreadable consistency and apply on the face.  Leave on for a few minutes and rinse off completely. 

If you want a toner, use the infusion straight or mix with some apple juice or witch hazel. 

If you want a scrub, mix the infusion with coarsely ground oats, corn meal, almond meal, etc. to get the exfoliation you want.  Just remember (as with any thing new) to test the product on your wrist to check if you are allergic to any of the ingredients or combination.  Don’t  want to be red faced walking around town.  I love how sage makes my pores a little tighter, so I have a tendency to use the mask, toner and scrub at least once a week.

 The sites below have more recipes and information for you to peruse through:

Tonics and toners:

Mondo recipes, OMG:

Recipe goldmine (love the web name, recipes are o.k.):


Sheila’s Bookshelf

This herb book is so great.  The pictures are beautiful and the text is terrific.  Not just for skin care, there is information on using herbs in the home and for cooking.

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