Free Radicals — Finding the Facts

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My easy definition of a Free Radical:  Cell molecules experience loss of electrons from stress, excess sun exposure, smoking, lack of rest, inadequate diet, etc.  The cell that has lost an electron is called a Free Radical.  In an effort to replace the missing electron, the Free Radical starts robbing electrons from other cells.  This can lead to a rampage of cell raids, leading to premature aging and disease. The process can be halted if your body has enough antioxidant protection from vitamins, herbals, etc.

If you are not into chemistry, this seems kind of boring.  But, science has found out how premature aging happens and we can learn a lot about how to keep ourselves “looking younger” by understanding the impact of Free Radicals.

If you look for information about Free Radicals on the web, it will usually be a scientific study worded for the professional in the chemical industry or a sales ad that skims through the science and has the consumer believe that the only way to fight Free Radicals is to purchase brand X’s lotion, potion, or serum. 

The truth is antioxidants are available in certain foods we eat.  Herbs as well as green and white teas, can also protect us from Free Radicals.  If your diet is lacking in the required vitamins, just take a supplement once in a while.  Most of the other things you can do are also common sense.  The information at livestrong. com is easy to read and straight forward.  Check out the Related Articles on the right side bar for more great links: 

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The main point to remember is that Free Radicals are caused by many things that we have control over.   Getting enough rest, reducing stress, keeping pollutants away from our systems, and eating right will help keep us looking younger naturally.

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