The Four Good Chemicals in Natural Skin Care

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The good chemicals in natural skincare are found in milk, olives, apples, grapes, pineapple, green tea and more.  But how can something that you eat or drink be good for your skin, you ask.  Well, the first reason is that if you can ingest it, it has to be safer than a mysterious chemical with a 20 letter name created in a lab.  The second reason is that these good chemicals actually do work in clearing skin surfaces and improving the skin’s defences.  Terms used in the cosmetic industry like alpha hydroxy acids, antioxidants,  enzymes, and flavonoids are all derived from things you probably have in the fridge. 

Alpha hydroxy acids (AHAs):  Found in milk, yogurt, olives, apples, grapes, sugar.  Works by exfoliates by dissolving the glue that bonds the cells, making dead skin removal easier and cleansing more effective.

Antioxidants:  Found in tomatoes, black and green tea, watermelon and any fruit or vegetable high in vitamins A, C and E.  Works by attaching to free radicals and neutralizing them.

Enzymes:  Found in papaya, and pineapple.  Works by breaking bonds to clear away dead skin cells.

Flavonoids:  Found in green tea, apple, and cirus fruit.  Protect against free radicals, fight off viruses, calm inflammation, and soothe allergies.

With natural skin care, you have to use your skin type to decide which one of these Four Good Chemicals will work best for you.  If your skin is oily, enzymes are strong enough to take away the bonded dead skin and oils to brighten your skin.  For normal skin types, an occasional mask with alpha hydroxy acids will clear things up with out irritation.  All skin types can benefit from antioxidants and flavoniods, but dry skin will appreciate the extra protection from free radicals and allergens.

Use the information about the Four Good Chemicals as a guideline to find ingredients and recipes that will be the most beneficial to your skin.

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