Green Skincare Journals — Finding Natural Hair Color

Posted on July 20, 2009. Filed under: Uncategorized |

One day I got a little curious about what was out there on the web about natural hair coloring.  Yes, I have some grays and I usually use my homemade solution of strong sage tea mixed with a little liquid castile soap and massaged in or just the tea as a rinse.  This potion doesn’t give me back the color of my youth, but it does make the grays less bright and noticeable (and makes my scalp and hair feel terrific).  Well, after I checked out the web on Google, I was amazed at what I found.  Websites like, and are my new playgrounds.  Check them out for all kinds of do-it-yourself information.

First, in case you are wondering what hair care has to do with skin care (actually–health care), read what the FDA has to say about hair coloring:  O.K. that was scary.  Just take a deep breath, because the alternatives are terrific and some of them are so cheap.   

If you are a brunette and want to try my sage tea recipe, you don’t have a garden full of fluffy sage plants to try it out.  If you buy a sage plant at any garden center or use dried leaves from the health food store, the results are the same.  Do a patch test to check for sensitivity before using new products.  For those who are blond, redheads, etc. click on the websites below to find your perfect color match. 

If you are in a rush and can’t spend time doing the mad-scientist thing (but it is sooo fun!), these websites sell the magic in a box:

Just remember to check out the ingredients list on anything you buy against the FDA warning list of ingredients, just to make sure what you are buying is truly green.


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