Green skin care journals — finding papaya

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Papaya– oily skins best friend:

Oily skin is hard to manage (the blessing is, it does fight off wrinkles!), but mine is oily to the point of waxiness.  I kid you not.  Going three days without washing feels like I’m covered with greasepaint.  To combat the grease, I was using a high powered-mega-pore-blaster cleanser, but unfortunately the side affects (strange rawness and redness, blurred vision after use) convinced me to seek a healthier alternative.

The first place I started to look for an alternative cleanser was, oddly enough, a retail store.  Hey, why not let them do some of my research for me?  Targeting products specifically meant for oily skin, I found the lots of chemical ingredients.  Some of which were in my old brand.  I want to get away from those, thank you.  Yet, some natural ingredients kept popping up when I looked at products labeled for oily skin.  One of them was papaya.  Papaya clears away dead skin and oil by loosening up the bonds that keep the oil and dead skin sticking to your face.  I checked the claims out in a few herb books and skincare dictionaries, plunked down $18 for a tube of brand x and was happy with the results (compared to the harsh product that seemed to be blinding me). 

The thing that bothered me about brand x was the reality that it was not totally, completely green (Brand x is even owned by another cosmetic company that is so un-green that it makes the mind reel),  anyway… in my quest for greener pastures, I researched more about papaya on my own and found scads of recipes that I love to use. 

Papaya and yogurt, papaya and wheatgerm, papaya and clay.  But the best one to use  is still the most simple:  After cleaning your face with a mild cleanser, mash a sliver of papaya and rub it on your face like a mask. Let set for a few minutes and rinse off thoroughly.  Now, you can use this mask if you don’t have oily skin.  Like when you want to remove build up from creams or foundation, but it is best suited for someone with oily skin for use once a week or so.  As always test a spot on your arm before trying something new, in case you are sensitive and redness develops.


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4 Responses to “Green skin care journals — finding papaya”

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Hi, love the info on your blog. Do you have any tips for dry skin? Want something I can whip up in my kitchen with no preservatives or coloring added. I’d also like to share info on a blog about bra buying:
Take care, Cindy

Hi, Cindy. Glad to share some tips on dry skin. The thing about dry and oily skin is that they both need balance in order for them to get to the normal range.
Dry skin can be from genetics or environment, or it could be caused by certain products that you now use that are harsh (ie: you could have normal skin that is made dry by your products). First tip: Choose a mild soap or cleanser. Second tip: Try a moisture mask. Use a creamy, rich mask (such as ground almond) once or twice a week. Third tip: When you are shopping for skin care products, stay away from products that strip oil off the skin. Cleaners and toners should be mild, masks and moisturizers should be rich and have few chemically complex additives and fragrances. Hope that gives you a place to start, and remember, green products are the best kind! See Adding Moisture to Dry Skin entry (6-29-09) to find some info on how to make a mask, toner and moisturizer with ingredients you probably have in your kitchen right now. SG

How does papaya work on the skin. I tried the mask and my skin felt cleaner and less oily.

Hi Tess. On your question about papaya, the key ingredient is papain which naturally exfoliates skin. Lots of fruit enzymes, alpha hydroxy acids, and antioxidants can be found in natural ingredients that can be made and used at home.

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