Chemical Spotlight

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Parabens are chemical preservatives that inhibit the growth of bacteria, yeast, and mold.  These additives have been identified as estrogenic and are disruptive to normal hormone function.  Parabens mimic natural estrogen in the body and may increase the risk of breast cancer by stimulating tumor growth.  Studies have found parabens in tumors.  Just to be on the safe side, I try to stay away from the chemical when I can, which is hard, because it seems to be in everything.  That’s why greening your skincare by making some (at least) of your own stuff makes so much sense.

See more about how paraben, as well as other chemicals affect the body by checking out these websites:  searchwords: parabens

Find out more about cosmetic and skincare ingredients at these sites:                                                                                                      

Most mainstream health and government websites take a “needs further study” stand on many questionable chemical ingredients.  But they never seem to come out with the definitive last word.  I read that more than 10,500 chemicals are used in personal-care products, and less than 11 percent are ever tested or reviewed.  For me the question is:  Would I rather be safe or be an unpaid guinea pig?   You might want to guess at my answer.


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