Getting a little oily from the Summer heat? Make a Toner.

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Just in time for the Summer heat… loads of toner recipes! Refresh yourself with natures bounty by using watermelon, lemons, and roses in your toner ingredients. Bottle toners in misters and store in your fridge to give your self a cooling treat to beat the heat.

Also included is information on how to make your own vinegar, red yeast rice vinegar, and rice water toners.


This first link includes info on:

How to dilute vinegar to make the toner suited to your skin type–

• Sensitive skin: 1-part vinegar to 5-parts water;
• Dry skin: the ratio would be 2:5;
• Normal skin: the ratio would be half and half;
• Oily skin: 4-parts vinegar to 2-parts water (although some extremely oily MUAers reportedly use apple cider vinegar neat!!).

More helpful information like this is in the link below:

There are many types of toners, the link below gives a recipe for vinegar/papaya toner (do a spot test first, that baby sounds strong!):

This link has a short bit about apple cider vinegar:

More toner recipes:

Skin care ingredient glossary (find the right toner ingredients):

Opps, somewhat off the subject– cleanser recipes:

Vinegar info, many good uses listed here:

Skin care from India, how exotic:

Ahh, refreshing watermelon toner:

More toner recipes. I like the idea of sage and vinegar together, like in one of these recipes:

How vinegar can improve your skin when used internally and externally:

Vinegar to treat acne. Recipe for green tea and vinegar toner included in this link:

More toner recipes, plus recipes for skin revitalizing:

Info about toners, moisturizers, etc.:

Everything you wanted to know about apple cider vinegar, but was afraid to ask:

Home spun recipes with a click-able ingredient glossary:

Frugal body splash recipe (excerpt):

…The apple cider vinegar as a toner balances the ph of your skin, so it can be used for both dry and oily skin. Moisturizer may not be needed. Keep your eyes closed when using the vinegar! Splash immediately with water. And be sure it’s diluted. One teaspoon to a 1/2 gallon. Incidentally, I also use apple cider vinegar in the same quantities for an after washing splash in the shower – full body, followed by a clear water rinse. Skin feels as good as it ever could. No need for moisturizer…

For more ideas check out this link:

Ahh, Lemon-Mint Toner sounds delightful!:

For some environmental info on toners and some gentler store brands, check here:

How to use vinegar on acne:

Rice water toner recipe:

Red rice vinegar toner.  After checking out these prices, keep reading and you will be able to make your own:

If your a chem major, this info will be stimulating for you:

O.K. more chem speak… this is about red yeast rice:

General stuff about rice vinegar. Not required reading, but helpful:

More on rice water toner:

Everything you ever wanted to know about vinegar is right here:

More recipes, one uses pine needles in the toner:

Now you have many toner recipes to try and many ways to stay fresh as a daisy! But try as I might I could not find a red yeast rice toner recipe, so I just used my experience to come up with the recipe below.

If you would like to make your own Red Yeast Rice Toner, here is what I suggest:

Take a 1/4 cup measure of red yeast rice, add it to 1 full cup of warmed rice vinegar (both of these ingredients should be found at Asian markets). Let the mixture cool in a glass container. Put it in the fridge for one week and shake the bottle everyday. After one week, strain out the rice (keeping the liquid, this is your toner). Discard rice. Use the strength as is or dilute using the guidelines mentioned previously… or glance at them below:

How to dilute vinegar to make the toner suited to your skin type– (reminder: Use distilled water for purity or your toner may turn cloudy from chems in your drinking water):

• Sensitive skin: 1-part vinegar to 5-parts water;
• Dry skin: the ratio would be 2:5;
• Normal skin: the ratio would be half and half;
• Oily skin: 4-parts vinegar to 2-parts water

Bottle toner in a clean glass container. Lable. (Spot test to make sure you are not sensitive to ingredients). Use once or twice a day, if you have no sensitive reactions. Enjoy this cool refresher… and you’ve just saved about $20!


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